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Community Health Aide

The community of Clarks Point is in need of a secondary Community Health Aide. This position is employed by the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation (BBAHC). CLPVC provides housing opportunities for health aides. For employment questions, please contact BBAHC's Human Resources at (907)842-9325 or look at the job posting on their website. https://www.bbahc.org/jobs . For information about Clarks Point or health aide housing please contact, Danielle Aikins, Tribal Administrator at Tribaladministrator@clpvc.org or by phone at (907)843-2837.



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Community Projects

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Solid Waste Burn Unit

Through the FY22 IGAP funding, CLPVC procured a solid waste burn unit for the Clarks Point Landfill to promote increased safety for the community, animals, and the environment. Estimated to arrive in late October or early November to Clarks Point.