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CLPVC staff will be out of the office on Monday, January 17th, 2022 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



The CLPVC Building is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but services will continue. During the fall season we will have staff in the office from typically from 7am-3pm, Monday-Friday to recharge electric cards, send/receive faxes, and provide other services as needed. If you need a document faxed or scanned/emailed you can leave it in the document box outside the CLPVC building or contact CLPVC prior to delivery so a staff member can meet you outside.


Susie Wassily, Administrative Assistant will be available typically from 8am-Noon, Monday-Friday. Mariano Floresta, BBEDC Liaison will be available typically from 7am-3pm, Monday-Friday. The Tribal Administrator works offsite and typically works 7am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday.


Tribal Member ID Cards

CLPVC Tribal Cards (Photo Option)

CLPVC now has the ability create tribal cards with photo option for tribal members. To request a new tribal card, fill out the form and scan/email it to New tribal cards will print on a plastic ID card and will include your name, address (either physical or mailing), tribal enrollment number, and an identification photo (optional).

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Clarks Point Electric Utility


Clarks Point utilizes a prepaid electric card system (Ampy).


Electric Rate Change 12/1/2021

PCE has increased and the Clarks Point electric rate has been reduced to $0.2147 for customers effective 12/1/2021.


Transaction Minimum

The electric utility has a minimum transaction amount of $100.00. CLPVC is able to accept credit card, check or cash (check/credit card preferred)

Power Off 

The electric system has been updated to allow customers who go negative/have zero balance after 2pm on a weekday to retain power until 2pm the next business day. *If customers have not had a transaction since 4/15/2021, this change will be effective the next time each customer runs a transaction on their Ampy card.


Susie Wassily, Administrative Assistant will be available from 8am-noon, Monday-Friday.  Mariano Floresta, BBEDC Liaison will be available until 3pm, Monday-Friday. Please call and let Susie or Mariano know you will be bringing by your Ampy card/payment method and they will meet you outside or at window to assist you.